Wedding Date: July 26th 2014

Crazy to think all the places a hockey stick can take you?  Just ask Emily, as she and Dustin have made a professional life out of the sport up in Winnipeg.  She has supported him from the stands in every stop of his NHL life.  Their real life revolves around their darling little girl who couldn't have been more excited to see her mommy get married.  Dustin soaks up the time they get together, and finds time for the other love of his life....fishing.  Somehow he got to have the best of both worlds this day as we made a stop to the river to get our lines wet with his fellas.  The sight of Emily literally took my breath away as she came through the halls of the new Loews to be swooned by her groom.  Joan of Ambiente worked her magic on every aspect of this wedding as guests poured into the International Market Square to witness their vows.  The live band killed it all night, even calling Dustin to the stage to see what he was made of.  The crowd roared and the music carried these two all the way off to Canada where they will be missed.  I am so happy for you friends!  

Wedding Date: July 24th 2014

Meghann had been to a handful of weddings that I had been apart of and likely had my website earmarked for the day Sam would buy that diamond.  I was so honored and excited to get the call.  Sam has been Meghann's cheerleader for years, quite literally in fact as his involvement at the U of M was cheering on Gopher sports.  The spirited pair know how to have a good time and keep the smartest and most gregarious people around them in life.  After a classically elegant wedding at the Basilica of St. Mary's, we all walked over to Cafe Lurcat where the stylish party would rock out until the wee hours of the next day.  Friends from all over the country poured in to dance and toast two incredible people whom have found a warm place in my heart. 

Wedding Date: July 18th 2014

These two pug-lovers do things their own way.  Melissa is a crafty one who seems to be talented at most everything she tries her hand at.  Personal touches were plentiful for this celebration but the only touch that mattered this day to Jimmy was hers.  Jimmy is a thinker, a reader, a dreamer, and rallies other (seemingly) wise men around him in life.  They quite literally span the globe as we had fun photographing and bantering good jests between the sides.  Melissa's ladies are tenderhearted and so dear to her.  They were instrumental to getting her to the altar and were pivotal in her love story with Jimmy.  The Day Block Event Center was the perfect fit as following the ceremony, the crew ventured downstairs to share in craft beer toasts and laughs with the couple.  Jimmy toasted seemingly with this gaze all day long as soaked up his timeless Beauty.  

Wedding Date: July 12th 2014

This was a fairytale like no other.  Kelsey and Matt found each other early in life and have talked about this day for years.  Intentionality was everywhere with not a place to be missed adorned in pink.  Kelsey started the day with an emotional pep talk from her father at Edina Country Club then headed over to lay eyes on her groom at Normandale Lutheran Church.  Matt had his nose deep in God's Word when I found him and put him in place to see his very own Cinderella.  My heart giggled all day with these two and not a beat was missed thanks to my amazing wife and day-of expert Janelle of White Confetti.  The Club could not have looked more impressive as the entire room was transformed into a wonderland fit for Disney.  Kelsey and Matt only broke away from their party for a few last moments of the sun's rays and to make a stop by the creek.  This day, the princess married her prince and they lived happy ever after.


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