Wedding Date: August 22nd 2014

If the walls of the Van Dusen Mansion could speak, the stories of love they would share!  Courtney and Andrew picked the perfect place to make it their home for the day and welcome the most fun and crazy friends to celebrate alongside.  From the moment Courtney slipped on the dress, we all felt the massive amounts of energy in the room grow and send her off to lay eyes on Andrew.  That man of hers has a huge heart, cherishes his bride, and knows how good he has it in life with her by his side.  What more could a girl want?!  I quickly got to see where Andrew draws all of his studly energy from: his men could not be more epic with their banter of love they showered upon him.  Courtney's ladies are what snagged my heart though as they took such good care of their best friend.  I left this night with my face hurting from smiling and an ache in my side from laughing.  I am a forever fan of these two. 

Wedding Date: August 9th 2014

This is exactly why I am a wedding photographer; plain and simple.  A family deeply in love send their little girl into the arms of a trustworthy man to cherish her essence and protect her heart.  Raw excitement and emotion abound as friends roll their eyes as if to tell them to 'get a room.'  These days are few are far between in our world of produced wedding glamor.  I have had this pair's backs since we bounced around their stomping grounds of Chicago for their epic Engagement Session I flew in for.  Thank you for your incredible hospitality guys!  Colonial Church of Edina was home to their emotional ceremony and Minikahda Country Club kept it lights on late as the party would go into the wee hours of the night.  This is part of my second family, a family that anchors on things that are important eternally and raise their hands to give thanks for the abundance.  Today, joy overflowed and prayers were answered.  Paige and Kevin, may you continue to learn from the examples set all around you.  Hugs to your friends I love and family.

Chicago is where their romance blossomed so Chicago is where we photographed these two.  Kevin and Paige invited me along to play around the city that they call home as they will be getting married back in Minnesota this summer.  Our laughter kept us warm as these fun friends jumped from bridges to riverways to parkways.  It makes me even more excited for their wedding day ahead! 

Wedding Date: August 2nd 2014

Our adventures in Washington DC amongst the cherry blossoms and monuments seemed like just weeks ago, but that is the sign of special friendships.  (click here for flashback)  You can always start right back where you left off.  Meg and Matt are close with their families and that love was everywhere on this wedding day.  Matt's swag was apparent as he strutted around Minikahda with the prettiest girl in the world right by his side.  The Basilica of St. Mary's and it grandeur was the perfect compliment to Meg's choice of dress; the two were simply meant for each other.  Following the ceremony, the Club awaited with open arms that had been so impeccably decorated by the club staff and orchestrated by the talented Joan of Ambiente.  The Capture crew were there for every high five and boisterous laugh under the afternoon sunshine.  That energy would take us late into the night where the bass would drop sick beats that only these two could catch.    


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