Wedding Date: May 4th 2013

Laughter is such a healthy practice.  If is could cure illness, Amy and Greg would be the best flu vaccine Minnesota has ever seen!  Almost two years in the planning and a darling little boy later, it was time to celebrate!  I adore Amy and her approach to life; I can instantly see why Greg was drawn in and decided to make it forever.  Good choice my friend!  The Basilica of St. Mary's was the perfect compliment to her gown of choice with just the right amount of "Amy spunk" thrown in.  Following the ceremony, Cafe Lurcat was the popular stop for the fabulous crew assembled before winding our way to Interlachen Country Club for the party.  You can not find a more impressive ballroom, including floor to ceiling windows perfect for gawking at the lush fairways below.  At sunset, we snuck away for some more laughter and to lay in the cool grass.  It was the perfect ending to the perfect day.  I SO enjoy you and your families!

Wedding Date: July 18th 2014

These two pug-lovers do things their own way.  Melissa is a crafty one who seems to be talented at most everything she tries her hand at.  Personal touches were plentiful for this celebration but the only touch that mattered this day to Jimmy was hers.  Jimmy is a thinker, a reader, a dreamer, and rallies other (seemingly) wise men around him in life.  They quite literally span the globe as we had fun photographing and bantering good jests between the sides.  Melissa's ladies are tenderhearted and so dear to her.  They were instrumental to getting her to the altar and were pivotal in her love story with Jimmy.  The Day Block Event Center was the perfect fit as following the ceremony, the crew ventured downstairs to share in craft beer toasts and laughs with the couple.  Jimmy toasted seemingly with this gaze all day long as soaked up his timeless Beauty.  

Wedding Date: July 12th 2014

This was a fairytale like no other.  Kelsey and Matt found each other early in life and have talked about this day for years.  Intentionality was everywhere with not a place to be missed adorned in pink.  Kelsey started the day with an emotional pep talk from her father at Edina Country Club then headed over to lay eyes on her groom at Normandale Lutheran Church.  Matt had his nose deep in God's Word when I found him and put him in place to see his very own Cinderella.  My heart giggled all day with these two and not a beat was missed thanks to my amazing wife and day-of expert Janelle of White Confetti.  The Club could not have looked more impressive as the entire room was transformed into a wonderland fit for Disney.  Kelsey and Matt only broke away from their party for a few last moments of the sun's rays and to make a stop by the creek.  This day, the princess married her prince and they lived happy ever after.

Wedding Date: July 5th 2014

I am not alone in saying we have waited a long time for this day.  Kimi is a catch and Tim closed the deal of his lifetime getting her to say yes to going out with him.  Together, they make up event-throwing royalty as there is always a good time to be had when you are around these two.  Krafty ideas and flare were everywhere at this celebration and the two anchored down at the Mariott Opus an extra two nights to set up their own tent and decor just for FUN.  And what fun they would have.  That morning, her mom Barb helped Kimi with final touches and a great big hug before I led her into a lavender field nearby to lay eyes on an emotion-filled Tim.  But not before her daddy got to send her along.   Tim and Kimi laughed and laughed as they couldn't believe the day was actually here.  Back at the hotel, friends joined in on the fun before they promised their lives to each other.  The event could not have flowed better or looked any more impressive.  Every detail was accounted for including dry ice blowing across the porcelain white dance floor as their guests jaws dropped.  Laughter was indeed the unofficial theme and hope it continues into all of your lifetime.  I love you both and will always cherish this day thinking of you.


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