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Wedding Date: July 4th 2015

The fourth of July is a classic American holiday, pulling families together all over the country to celebrate.  Brittany and Matt saw it as a perfect opportunity to put all those they love together for a good ole Gustavus reunion and sock hop style dance off.  Oh, and they also got married.  Their church community came out in full support of these two as the pastor used an ice lantern to symbolize their love.  Matt being a photographer was game for any adventures we came up with and their friends went along with the fun.  The fellas arrived by boat to the ceremony and docked with ease.  Later that night, the couple would make that same voyage together across the lake to their cocktail reception.  At night fireworks boomed in approval of this union.  Life simply does not get any better. 

Contributing Vendors: Heartwood Conference Center & Resort (venue), Northland special events (planner, decor and florist), Sparky stories (videographer), Sweet Retreat cupcakes (dessert), Rockin' Hollywoods (music), Darrin James Salon (hair / makeup)

Wedding Date: August 8th 2015

A school teacher marries her firefighter: how more romantic can you get?!  You can’t find two more stellar families to put together, or a more perfect venue to celebrate all the fun.  The Edina Westin and Tyler loved showing off on this one, details were well thought out and planned to perfection.  Grace & Nick’s friends are a ton of fun and came ready to party.  I am forever a fan of this love story and pumped to have picked up a set of new friends along the way.

Contributing Vendors: Bethlehem Lutheran Church, Edina Westin (reception venue), Julia's Bloom (florist), Gigi's Cupcakes (dessert), Generation Now DJ, Festivities (rental decor), Uptown Hair District (makeup / hair)

Wedding Date: August 1st 2015

This was an incredible day for Lalu and John as the Living Room Studios' all-star cast of Vick Photography, White Confetti Planning and Vibrant Film created alongside them for the day's journey.  Thank you both as we had so much fun and learned so much about Ethiopian traditions!!  Lalu's final touches took place at Aloft Hotel before she stepped outside to Gold Medal Park to meet her groom atop the green hillside.  Goosebumps.  Friends joined in the banter, as we would make our way from warehouses to riverbanks where John Hoel's drone made an appearance.  Our final stop was Surly Brewery for a quick refreshment before making our way back to Mill City Museum for the ceremony and party to follow.  And what a party it was!!

Contributing Vendors: Mill City Museum (venue), White Confetti (planner), Vibrant Film (videographer), Izzy's Ice Cream (dessert), Deja Vu (band), D'Amico Catering, Style Retaliation (makeup / hair)

Wedding Date: July 26th 2015

A dancer finds her partner for life!  How more beautiful can life get?!  Sarah's crazy skills combined with Tom's enthusiasm for the great outdoors made these two a couple to watch in life and adventure.  The two met atop a bluff in Eden Prairie and asked their friends to scale up the ridge to take in the epic view!  Back at the Nicollet Island Pavilion, my wife Janelle Vick of White Confetti planning, had everything in place and the room a-blaze with personal touches.  To kick off the dancing, the wedding party had schemed a secret Flash Mob that ended with Tom's solo at his bride's feet.  The place went wild!!   

Contributing Vendors: White Confetti (planner), Ladd Films (videographer), Haute Flower Botique (florist), Izzy's Ice Cream (dessert), Bellagala (music), Mintahoe (catering), St. Stephen Lutheran Church, Nicollet Island Pavillion


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