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Taryn & Scott

Wedding Date: June 12th 2015

The Van Dusen Mansion was bustling from the moment I arrived.  Flowers, linens, décor, table settings, programs, were streaming on pull-carts through the wrought-iron gates.  Upstairs the ladies were humming away to tunes as guys took their luck to the pool table in between bites of sandwich.  Taryn’s dad Mike had an extra bounce in his step today as he eagerly awaited his turn to tell his daughter how beautiful she looked.  Scott won out big time this day.  A hunting and fishing enthusiast, this catch just might be his best.  Flowers were do

Emily & Lonnie

Wedding Date: June 7th 2015

The fourth of four Richter children to get married, and all four weddings have been as unique as each kid!  Lonnie was marrying into a special family, one that I have gotten to see grow up and rooted in faith.  These two have had faith in their families and each other to get to this point.  It will also be what will sustain them in the years ahead.  Lonnie is as comfortable a guy to be around that you will find, and his trademark shy grin was out in fully glory all day knowing how good of a girl he was marrying in Emily.  She is a loving and tender soul, whose special relationship with her

Ruilin & John

Wedding Date: May 31st 2015

What do you get when you cross a classy Chinese lawyer with an exuberant thoughtful Aussie?  Answer: a dangerous duo known for adventure!  Throw in the most vibrant mansion in town and seventy of their closest friends and no wonder this party could not be matched!  Ruilin had picked out not one, not two, but three breathtaking dresses to impress John with throughout the night.  John finally got to lay eyes on his glowing beauty at the entry to one of Minnesota’s best historic landmarks, the Van Dusen Mansion.  It is best know for its uncanny

News! What a big year for 2015!


Thank you to our fans and friends who support us relentlessly and nominated us for the Photographer of the Year award.  We just wrapped up an incredible night at the swanky A'bule where our fellow photographer friends the Graddy's just won Top of the Tiara.  It was an honor to be a finalist for this high praise award that goes to the best overall wedding vendor in the state of Minnesota.  We strive to provide our clients with an elite level experience from start to finish and forge new friendships along the way.  #BestJobInTheWorld! 


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