Mark & Joel

Wedding Date: March 30th 2013

When two friends from church came to me and asked if we could meet about the possibility of joining them on their wedding celebration, I was moved.  They would be getting married in Iowa officially and commemorating the ceremony here in Minnesota in the backyard of a friends' house on a lake.  Snow drifts that would never leave created an opportunity that these two never thought possible: to get married inside their home church.  Both come from important faith backgrounds, Mark a graduate of Bethel University, and Joel being the son of a pastor.  To quote a line from their ceremony, "No two

Sabrina & Tyson, Oahu Hawaii

Wedding Date: March 27th 2013

I know its common for the bride to pick out dresses for her ladies to wear.  Well, this might have been the first time I, the photographer, was dressed by the groom!  The electric Hawaiian shirt was a nice touch but Janelle is not sure that it should become my new weekend uniform back here in Minnesota.  This was a celebration that we were all very much looking forward to for so many reasons and an answer to so many prayers.  

Jamie & Matthew

Wedding Date: March 23rd 2013

A straight-shooting guy from the East Coast meets a gorgeous direct gal from the Midwest, and sparks fly like fireworks over Boston Harbor on the 4th of July.  People could see it from miles around and faces glowed with enthusiasm.  The anticipation leading up to it was big and once it all started, no one wanted the night to end.  Yes, I am speaking about their wedding.

Gina & Kieron

Wedding Date: March 9th 2013

I love when two best friends find each other in life and decide to spend life together.  Gina and Kieron are a perfect example of this and together, they make the other one better.  Gina lights up a room with her smile and Kieron knows how blessed he is and his gentle strength is obvious.  Their competitive fire keeps life exciting as their rock-star friends know best.    


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