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Tillie & Howard Minikahda Reception


Talk about a homecoming!  This party had it all.  The fabulously talented Lindsay Piram Creative had her touch all over this, transforming the Minikahda Club into a swanky, bubble-filled dance club.  In a fun throw-back 'battle of the bands' format, non-stop music rang late into the night featuring professional dancers while guests were delighted to charm the night away.  The feast was surreal with gaming and ocean fare from around the world, including an incredible sushi boat from

Tillie & Howard Destination: Cabo, Mexico

Wedding Date: March 23rd 2015

What an adventure!  Not just the setting, but what life has thrown at these two.  When Tillie invited me and the talented John Hoel along on the wedding of a lifetime, I had no idea just how inspired I would leave to make the world a more joyful place.  Just spending time alongside them makes your heart want to dance.  And dance this pair did!  Howard had swept Tillie off her feet from the day they met so it was fitting that they would take any opportunity to step away and spin, twirl, and salsa, always ending with joyful laugher.  Family means everything to them.  The friends that joined w

Amy & Devon

Wedding Date: March 14th 2015

These two are exactly why I feel I have the best job in the whole world.  Months ago, Amy and Devon invited me up to their lake place for a stellar night of wine, stars, and even a wet fishing adventure!  (Check them out here.)  The University of St. Thomas was the perfect start to the fun as we made our way through the city of St.

Allison & Patrick

Wedding Date: February 7th 2015

Allison glows.  In every encounter, I just sensed something unique about this girl.  It comes from a place of inner beauty and joy that can't be contained.  Patrick picked up on this as well as he knew just how good he had it.  This wedding was met with much anticipation from friends that knew early on this would be a forever thing.  As a result, the ceremony became more of a confirmation under God of truths that were made so real to them long ago.  The Semple Mansion felt like their home for the night and we all were allowed in to sneak a peek at a reminder of divine love that knows no bou


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