Sydney & Bobby

Wedding Date: May 26th 2013

When Sydney met Bobby, I don’t think she would have envisioned this type of hype and celebration over the course of three days.  Bobby’s mother kicked the weekend off with a traditional Indian ceremony and Sydney’s Chinese family followed right along!  Her family brought in silks to add to the extravaganza and the Van Dusen Mansion readied itself for the festivities to come.  Following the American ceremony, we made our way out for some fresh air among the Sculpture Gardens, a favorite place of theirs.  The Carriage House at the Mansion was l

Karen & Matt

Wedding Date: May 25th 2013

Karen is about as wonderful a woman as God makes in this world.  Matt definitely would agree with this, as his smirk from ear to ear was an indicator that he was excited to have her in his life.  Both are a fun quirky contradiction on paper.  Karen was one of my favorite people that my younger sister hung with in school, and what an incredible joy it was to document this momentous day.  The American Swedish Institute was a smart choice with its outdoor ambience being second to none.  Bravo!  So many incredible pieces coming together for this day, one had

Ashley & Ryan

Wedding Date: May 18th 2013

The Semple Mansion has hosted suares for nearly a hundred years.  The rich history combined with exquisite architecture is part of the charm of this place.  Ashley and Ryan were drawn right in as the combination of city and green space nearby fit their lifestyle so well.  For a photographer, it is a dream to help a bride relax into the day much like Ashley was able to do.  Ryan takes such good care of her.  All of our planning paid off and the two got to celebrate with their closest friends and by the end of it all, I felt like family.  Thank you


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