Katie & Mark

Wedding Date: August 2nd 2013

It is fun to be around two people that just love life so much.  Katie and Mark take advantage of every moment, each relationship around them, and care so deeply for life's richness.  With Katie, it is a little more on display, but for Mark you can see it through his eyes and gentleness.  Their friend group cracks me up, and I left this day with quite the abdominal workout from laughing.  This day could not have gone any better, especially with the help of the fabulous Sarah Trotter.

Rachael & Ryan

Wedding Date: July 28th 2013

Rachael & Ryan are the product of loving families who just can’t wait to see their kids grow up and experience Love.  California seminary was good to these two as they got to fall in love studying scripture and sniffing the salty ocean air.  Rachael was a fresh breath from yesteryear, complete with all the classic touches you would find in vintage magazines.  Ryan walked a little taller this day, knowing how good his bride look on his arm.  We took a spin around the Lakes on the old trolley car, a family tradition of Rachael’s. 

Priyanka & Manish

Wedding Date: July 27th 2013

Just when you think you have seen it all in life and think your own wedding was the bomb, then Priyanka and Manish storm into your world and give you a new manual on how to throw a party!  Are you kidding me?!  If the intricate detail and decor wasn't impressive enough, insert a vibrant family full of emotion and crazy California friends and now you have something for the ages.  Not only are these two stunning on camera, their heart is what makes you hold them close.

Malorie & Tyler

Wedding Date: July 20th 2013

Malorie is as sweet a girl as they make in this world.  Tyler knows it too and this hockey stud treats her like gold.  The two planned a fabulous party with all their favorite people in the world at the Carlson Towers.  The start to the day was tear-filled and touching as Malorie embraced her groom down along the lakeshore and spent some moments together on the docks.  Wayzata Community Church was the perfect setting for this fairytale, and the two promised their lives to each other.  I be


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