Priyanka & Manish

Wedding Date: July 27th 2013

Just when you think you have seen it all in life and think your own wedding was the bomb, then Priyanka and Manish storm into your world and give you a new manual on how to throw a party!  Are you kidding me?!  If the intricate detail and decor wasn't impressive enough, insert a vibrant family full of emotion and crazy California friends and now you have something for the ages.  Not only are these two stunning on camera, their heart is what makes you hold them close.

Malorie & Tyler

Wedding Date: July 20th 2013

Malorie is as sweet a girl as they make in this world.  Tyler knows it too and this hockey stud treats her like gold.  The two planned a fabulous party with all their favorite people in the world at the Carlson Towers.  The start to the day was tear-filled and touching as Malorie embraced her groom down along the lakeshore and spent some moments together on the docks.  Wayzata Community Church was the perfect setting for this fairytale, and the two promised their lives to each other.  I be

Kelley & Matt

Wedding Date: July 21st 2013

I remember the day Matt brought Kelley to a Living Room Studios karaoke party and she stole the show!  I knew this girl was the fit, and many others in attendance would have agreed.  Both are quirky and sweet as all get-out!  This charm not only translates well to the camera with their professional modeling careers, but into their adventurous relationship.  Matt has been a dear friend for many years, and we all wanted to see the very best for him.  God gifted him His very best in Kelley.  This day was confirmation of perseverance and two hearts that align in purpose, mission and affection. 

Cheri & Jeff Engagement: Our Massachusetts Wine Picnic


When Cheri asked me to come to Boston and see more of their everyday world over the Fourth of July, I just had to say yes!  You could not think of a more patriotic place to be or two more gracious new friends to be with.  We had so much fun, a three hour session quickly turned into a twelve-hour hang with new friends and many great memories to show for it!   We started with a lunch date at one of their favorite Cambridge hot spots, then fled to the countryside armed with watermelon, blankets, and empty wine glasses.


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