Angela & Kevin

Wedding Date: June 26th 2010

I first met Kevin at my wife's 10-year reunion in Duluth and I could tell right away he matched the uber high quality guy that was described.  It was no surprise then just how incredible his bride-to-be Angela would be.  Honestly it was so refreshing the authenticity you live life by and seek out in your friendships.  Stylistically, the day was impeccable and Assumption Church was the ideal backdrop.  The shadows and soft light streaming through the rustic doors could not have been more majestic.  Thank you for your friendship and making me feel so apart of your day.  See you both soon!

Annalisa & Kyle

Wedding Date: June 25th 2010

Annalisa is a fabulous doctor and had been keeping our website at her fingertips for the day Kyle asked to partner with her for life.  I was so honored to get the call and share in the day.  The dress could not have been more perfect on her or for the Nicollet Island pavilion.  We had a blast photographing along the river!  As evening set in, heavy rains came and all huddled close together to witness their vows.  No one will ever forget this adventure...including this photographer.  

Adam & Kelli

Wedding Date: June 19th 2010

Kelli and Adam are so infectiously in love.  After our engagement session I knew this day would be so special with lots of giggles; I was right!  After a tearful first meeting that day, we adventured out into the neighborhoods to find some gorgeous green fields, complete with a pool nearby lending itself to some fun candids.  Both families were abuzz with excitement for their lives ahead...I was adopted for the day and had so much fun!  The Town and Country Club was perfectly laid out for this party and decorated so tastefully.

Vanessa & Prema

Wedding Date: June 12th 2010

It's pretty unbelievable when you can rent out both a garden and a zoo for a wedding day's celebration.  Vanessa found her love of her life and decided to celebrate the day away at Como Park Conservatory and even found a penguin friend to share the day with.  The Ivy Hotel was majestic and a glamorous start to the day with the wedding party getting ready upstairs.  We made our way to Como for the intimate ceremony that have even me getting choked up.

Tracy & Braden

Wedding Date: June 16th 2010

Some couples are just made to fit together; like when good lyrics meet a catchy harmony.  Tracy and Braden are like that hit song on the radio that is rather addictive and gets you through another day.  Fresh air.  Braden is a rockstar guy and his small army of quirky men carried with them bits and pieces of his life.  When they all come together its just pure love and appreciation for one another; I admire that.  For Tracy, her ladies have been alongside her through it all and their closeness was evident when more could be said through glances without even saying a word.

Julia & Robert

Wedding Date: June 5th 2010

What a fun day these two had planned, and I was honored to be brought along for the ride!  Julia was a-glow from the moment she entered the bridal suite and all her friends were so excited for her.  It was the wedding she dreamed up, and Robert was waiting on the grand staircase for his bride.  Emotions ran high all day as family and friends celebrated this special occasion at the Semple Mansion in Minneapolis.  It was the absolute perfect backdrop and these two are so enamored by each other; I am excited to see where life takes you!


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