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Gina & Jeffrey

Wedding Date: October 12th 2013

Jeff and I met through a mutual friend’s wedding on the shores of Aruba.  Yes, I know, it sounds like the start of an epic love story.  At that time, I was a newlywed and he was seeking a lady that may not exist in this world.  Jeff was determined to hold out for the best.  Months later, he found the best in Gina and the two would be inseparable.  Most importantly, they bring out the best in each other and challenge each other to live deeper and drive further.  This can be seen in their love of racing and marathons.  Note: I will save you any marriage analogies to marathons.  What a perfect

Brianna & Brandon

Wedding Date: October 5th 2013

Why not run off to an island and get married?!  For a couple of outdoor, thrill seeking enthusiasts, this seemed ideal in every way.  Maybe their thought was, “If we get our favorite people on an island all to ourselves, just think of the crazy fun we could have.”  They nailed it.  THIS is how you do a wedding and with Brianna and Brandon as the ring leaders of the fun, you could do no wrong.  Our instant connection made this day extremely special for me to be apart of.  Stunning color stormed the island as well as some mist creating a breathtaking pallet for a photographer to play.  This d

Jessica & Ben

Wedding Date: October 4th 2013

The world believes that there is a completion for a man’s eye between his pretty gal and his pretty car.  Calendars have been made for years depicting this collision in fact.  Now I have no idea what Ben’s racecar looks like, but today, Jessica in her white dress blew any remote competition away.  What a show stopper dress and touches of class this lady exudes!  Not only does their involvement in the racing world make them instantly intriguing, but they are also extremely cultured in the refinement of small batch beer.  A guy knows he has it made when his “homework” for the centerpieces on


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